Where Can I Take My Old Dishwasher – Eco-Friendly Disposal In Auckland

Let Us Recycle Your Old Fridge,Washing Machine Or Any Appliance

dishwasher recycling Auckland

Where Can I Take My Old Dishwasher – Eco-Friendly Disposal In Auckland

Old Dishwasher Disposal Auckland

dishwasher recycling Auckland

When your dishwasher dies and you finally decide to replace it, thinking about what to do with the old one is the last thing on your mind usually but we offer a drop off service for all old appliances , e waste , electronics and computers ( charges apply )

Luckily you have taken the time to search in your favourite search engine to locate us as an environmentally friendly option instead of sending it to the local landfill, tip or refuse station. We can get rid of your old dishwasher for you , so stop asking what do i do with my old dishwasher and read on …

At Appliance Recycling we have a number of options for what to do with your old dishwasher.

Option 1 ) Strip For Parts

In some cases the machine might offer some parts to be recycled and fitted into another machine of the same model. This offers a really good option to us and means we can fix another machine and resell it and keep it out of the recycling process.

Option 2 ) rebuild and sell the machine.

Calvin Leonard and Darren Rapson have many years experience in the process of the repairs and sales of Appliances and whiteware . Often times if a machine is in physically good condition, not too old and the repair process is relatively straightforward we will repair the machine, apply electrical safety inspections, then list the dishwasher for sale. Great way to keep appliances from landfill.

Option 3 ) Write off and Scrap

A high percentage of dishwashers that are dropped to us are either uneconomical to repair and resell , parts are no longer available or they are too damaged ,dented and beaten up to resell. In this scenario we will remove things like the motor, copper cables, and other base items and send these materials to various recycling companies around our general area.


So when you donate your old dishwasher to us feel safe in the knowledge that we will process it to the best of our abilities and experience and keep it out of landfill. Who knows we might be able to repair it and give it a new home and lease of life.

PS:  if you need your old dishwasher picked up for recycling we can recommend a company who offers a dishwasher removal service , they can collect and drop it to us as part of the price quoted .

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