How To Get Rid Of Old Printers

Let Us Recycle Your Old Fridge,Washing Machine Or Any Appliance

How To Get Rid Of Old Printers

Removing Printers And Electronic Waste The Safe Way

computer and printer recycling aucklandBy far the easiest way to do this in the Auckland area is to drop them off to us at Appliance Recycling . Every year we prevent thousands of electronic items and white ware from simply going to landfill. We have partnered up with several large recycling companies and act is a collection point for consumers you don’t know what to do with their old printers.

Can I Dispose Of Old Printers For Free?

Unfortunately like most things in life printer recycling is not a free service we do charge $5 per printer which is a small price to pay for keeping these things out of the landfill.  We do ask that you do not bring your printer inside a box or any packaging, it costs us time and money to drop off cardboard at the paper reclaim plant.

So stop asking “how to dispose of old printers” because no matter what type of printer you have whether it’s bubble jet, inkjet, laser or anything else we can except it and send it on for safe disposal. Dont throw away a printer , simply drop in that old printer sitting in the garage for the price of a coffee today.

Other Items We Can Accept And Recycle

Whilst we are in Appliance Recycling business dealing in things like washing machines, dryers, fridges, freezers ,dishwasher disposal

we also can except a range of other items from  old car batteries to old wire, cables and all types of e-waste recycling that you may have collected. Most of these items are free but check out our price list to find out what we charge for.

Do You Also Collect Old Whiteware Items For Recycling ?

Yes we also operate an appliance removal service, this works very similar to the Rubbish man whereby you leave your item out on the driveway on a designated day that we book in with you and our team will swing past and collect it very much like the Rubbish man collect your bags. The cost for the service starts at $55 for one item and there is a $10 charge per item there after four large appliances.

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