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Car Battery Recycling And Old Battery Disposal Service After Replacement – FREE DROP OFF

At Appliance Recycling , we can accept dead car batteries for Car Battery Recycling, as well as those from camper van’s, horse trucks , forkhoists ,motorbikes ,boat batteries and more . Batteries include amounts of heavy metals and some toxic chemicals so disposing of them through the normal rubbish system raises issues of soil contamination and water pollution.

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Why Car Battery Recycling Is Necessary?

Battery recycling helps keep more material out of landfill. And 98% of automotive batteries can be recycled, most of the components including a plastic casing, lid and acid can be processed and remanufactured into a range of other products. We offer a free battery recycling drop off service for your convenience, if you have any old or did batteries to dispose of feel free to drop them off to us. Our business hours are:

Hours are : 7am to 5pm for drop offs (Weekdays only)  Closed Weekends

Phone: 09-579-6198

Address: 119 Captain Springs Rd Unit D Onehunga, Auckland 1061

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