Appliance Recycling In Auckland

If You Need To Recycle Old  Appliances, TV’s And Electronics In Auckland We Can Help

We offer a drop off service for old Appliances that are either dead or don’t work properly anymore. Plus for a nominal inspection fee we can also offer an expert opinion on whether it can actually be fixed for rather than dumped as we are fully qualified service techs with 30 years experience in Appliance Repairs. Details of that service and how it works can by clicking here. Free Parking Outside The Door

Here are some common questions we get:

Q: How Much Do You Charge?

We have just moved address and are running a moving special

**From now till 21st Dec Its FREE to drop off ALL items (except Tv’s which are $10 for LCD and computer monitors , $30 for tube style or CRT, also excludes commercial quantities) **

If you require lifting of heavy appliances out of your vehicle best times are between 10.45am and 4pm as we are often “in and out” in the am

See the list further down for a more accurate idea of what we accept or call us for a quote: Phone: 09-579-6198

Q: Do You Pick Up

Yes, For a pick up from your place please ring Ron on 021 103 4294 to get a quote or to book

Q: What Can I Bring In And What’s Your Address and Opening Hours?

Hours are : 7am to 4.30pm for drop offs (Weekdays only)  Closed Weekends 

Address: 119 Captain Springs Rd Unit D Onehunga, Auckland 1061


See the list further down for a more accurate idea of what we accept and costs or call us for a quote: Phone: 09-579-6198

Q: Do You Pay For Scrap Appliances?

No, we don’t pay you for items, if you were wanting cash for scrap please see your local scrap metal dealer.

Q: Do You Accept TV’s

Yes read further down for what we charge you to drop off a TV

Q: Do You Accept Beds And Bedding, Furniture, Couches etc

No, only appliances like white goods and brown goods  -Rule of thumb, if you can’t plug it into electricity we don’t take it.

Note we also sell appliances that are either seconds, carton damage or used, if you also need to replace that old clunker check us out for cheap and used appliances

Pickup Of Old Whiteware In Auckland

Q: Do You Pick Up

Yes, For a pick up from your place please ring Ron on 021 103 4294 to get a quote or to book

Price for a collection starts at a minimum of $55.00 call out fee for 1 large item which also includes the recycling fee of $10 at our end. ( 2 or more items attract additional costs) , pls ask first. Here are some common questions we get about the pickup service:

Q: Do You Disconnect From My Kitchen Or Laundry And Take Outside?

No, we work like the rubbish man does  – as in, you leave the appliance outside and we swing past and collect it on the day specified when you book

Q: Do You Come To CBD?

We no longer come anywhere near CBD due to all the issues associated with traffic, parking, access etc

Recycle Old TV’s – Yes You Can Now Drop Off Your Old TV To Us

We are now offering old tv disposal at affordable prices like CRT Televisions as well as LCD and plasma ones , The charge for dropping one off to us is listed below and we can take the remotes as well .


Hours are : 7am to 5pm for drop offs (Weekdays only)  Closed Weekends

“Don’t Let Your Old Washing Machine, Dryer, Fridge, Freezer, Cooker, Dishwasher Or Stove End Up In Auckland’s Landfills.” Each year thousands of old and disused electrical appliances and Whiteware get trashed and replaced by Auckland consumers and many of them end up as landfill. At Appliance Recycling Ltd we strip down and recycle all materials from all whiteware and electrical goods at our workshop facility in Penrose.


If your item is not in the list pls ring us to discuss: 09-579-6198

  • Televisions CRT or old style Computer Monitors ($30.00)
  • Televisions LCD , Plasma Or Projector style  ($10.00)
  • Microwave (large item $10)
  • Fridge/Freezer (large item $10)
  • Fridges (large item $10)
  • Freezers (large item $10)
  • Bar Fridges  (large item $10)
  • Bar Freezers  (large item $10)
  • Washing Machines (large item $10)
  • Dryers (large item $10)
  • Dishwashers (large item $10)
  • Domestic Stoves (large item $10)
  • Freestanding Oven (large item $10)
  • Wallovens (large item $10)
  • Rangehoods (large item $10)
  • Heat Pump or air conditioners (large item $10)
  • Dehumidifiers (large item $10)
  • Heaters oil column or free standing (large item $10)
  • Here is a list of small items we can take: NOTE: DO NOT BRING ANY PACKAGING /PLASTIC/POLYSTYRENE/CARDBOARD

  • Kettles (small item FREE)
  • Electric Toothbrush  (small item FREE)
  • Jugs (small item FREE)
  • Toasters (small item FREE)
  • Irons (small item FREE)
  • Sewing Machines (small item FREE)
  • Blenders (small item FREE)
  • Food Processors (small item FREE)
  • Kitchen Mixers (small item FREE)
  • Rice Cooker (small item FREE)
  • Small deep fryers (small item FREE)
  • Slow Cookers (small item FREE)
  • Mens electric shavers (small item FREE)
  • Hair Curlers or Straighteners (small item FREE)
  • Hair Dryers (small item FREE)
  • Coffee or Tea Machines (small item FREE)
  • Vacuum Cleaners (small item FREE)
  • Waste Disposal (small item FREE)
  • Floor or Small fans (small item FREE)
  • Old phones (small item FREE)
  • Laptops (small item FREE)
  • Tablets (small item FREE)
  • Charge cables (small item FREE)
  • Computers  (small item FREE)
  • DVD  (small item FREE)
  • Video players  (small item FREE)
  • All brown goods  (small item FREE)
  • If what you have is not on the list above , give us a call to discuss Phone: 09-579-6198

We will even take old Computers,Printers,DVD’s ,Video players and other brown goods

Map Of Area We Can Arrange Collection From

We can arrange collection as follows

North: Albany

South: Papakura

East: Howick

West: Massey

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If you are moving office or commercial premises see the team at Office Movers Auckland for a free no obligation quote

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